Monday, February 13, 2017

Since November 2016

Minor blogging/journaling hiatus...reasons including maternity leave to be with my baby Logan and my firstborn Liam....and boy oh boy were they some amazing weeks with my kids. We jammed them full of time with friends and family and fun. Hence the title...since there is quite the catching up to do. As Logan was born early, thanks to my OCD behaviors, I was ready. Minus the weekend of his birth changing our Tahoe plans...we rescheduled those for January and simply went home and planned to be home for the next few weeks, and below is what the next few months looked like.

1. Thanksgiving
2. Shriners and hip dysplasia brace
3. Christmas or the month of December activities:: Picking a tree, nativity exhibit, winter wonderland, family photos, bells palsy, present building, family and christmas eve and day.
4. Logans blessing and Tadd's family visit
5. New Years Eve & Minute to Win it Games
6. Tahoe
7. Disneyland
8. Back to work
9. Liam Turns 3
10. #Momlife and the joys of The Barnett Fam

These posts will be in the works for the next few months...or as mentioned before they will be done asap because I sometimes get crazy and complete things quickly....stay tuned.

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