Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Napa Girls Trip

My two besties from 5th and 6th grade and I took a trip to Napa for the weekend. We decided to go to celebrate our 30th birthdays!! And we have been friends for 20 years!!! We had such a great time. I had no idea that Napa was so close only took like 1 hour and 20 minutes. When we arrived, we were able to get an early check-in to our hotel and we scoped the hotel out before heading over to oxbow market and grabbing some lunch. We then walked into downtown Napa and scoped out the shops and such. We wandered and then decided to get pedicures! It was so relaxing, and although we hadn't done much yet, I could definitely have fallen asleep in the chair. Once we finished with our nails, we continued walking until we found an ice cream parlor and chocolate shop...and snagged a few treats.

We then headed back to the hotel so my friends could enjoy their hour of free wine on the patio at our hotel. It was the perfect area to hang out and chat though with a nice couch and chairs and a fireplace to keep us cozy as it was nice and breezy. After they enjoyed their wine, we got ready for our first dinner reservation which was at a sushi restaurant that was supposed to be great!

 The food was really good. We ordered some sushi that was pregnancy approved, with a couple of other rolls for them and then some duck fried rice which was also quite delicious. Then we got a deconstructed smore for dessert which was also pretty good, even though the original smore somehow is usually the best. We then headed back to the hotel and got in our jammies and went to bed...and slept in until 9!!!!! It was a miracle. Whitney and I have kids so we normally don't get to sleep in, Lauren on the other hand, patiently waited for us to wake up...what a nice friend!

Once we were up and ready we headed into the vineyards of Napa with my sisters father in law who runs some Kendall Jackson vineyards. He gave us such a great tour of the vines and of his property that he oversees. He taught us a ton about wine and how long and involved the process is...makes my friends appreciate their wine a bit more!!! He then recommended a great lunch spot, which we ended up getting brunch because the food looked and sounded so delicious, and it did not disappoint!

 After our delicious lunch, we went to a winery nearby so my friends could taste some sparkling wine which is what the winery is known for...I then found some salted caramels to share and enjoy the scenery. After they finished their tasting, we headed back to get ready for our second dinner of the weekend which was at an Italian restaurant!

We consumed lots of pasta and bread and enjoyed every bite before finishing it off with a cobbler and some shopping at a boutique next door. We also happened to stop into Kohls to get some toys for our kids so they would be happy to see us when we got back...ha! 

We then called it a night and slept in again...

Sunday morning we did a brisk bike ride nearby our hotel and grabbed some juice at the market before driving into Yountsville to see the cute town and then peeked at the local outlets which just so happened to have a brooks brothers which Tadd loves and I even snagged him a new pink dress shirt he has been wanting! Then we drove home and got back to our families...Overall it was a great weekend and something that we will definitely make happen again in the near future! 

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