Wednesday, June 19, 2013

House Flop

 Lately, Tadd and I have been house hunting...We have found a few that we really loved...posted below. We have also found lots and lots that we did not love (not pictured). We put in two offers and have been outbid both times :( The third house pictured below we did not put an offer in for because we thought it was overpriced and we were willing to let it go for the price it was listed. The market is simply bananas...Homes are being listed and are gone within days of the list day...they also are receiving offers above the list pricie and investors are overbidding and paying cash. This is ridiculous and we simply cannot compete. It is very frustrating. The above picture was very fitting because my friend must have known that we just didnt get another house...and so she reassured me with these lookers that I should just keep calm! So, with that, I am trying to keep calm and just keep searching for our very own home. Be patient readers, this may take a while!

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