Friday, May 25, 2012

Jill's Bridal Shower

Last weekend, we hosted my big sister's Bridal Shower on Saturday May 19, 2012. It was a great success! Everything turned out so good. The food, the presents, the games, the company! It could not have gone any better. Jill had a great time and got lots of goodies to take home and put in their new apartment! It all began on Thursday night when Jill and Katie arrived. I pre-made cake balls in order to frost them later for cake pops. Friday came and Jill went to her dress fitting, and then we all convened in the kitchen to prep for the party. We began cutting, chopping, slicing, baking, boiling, heating, and rolling all different things in order to place them all in tupperware and in the fridge for the morning! Saturday morning we all arose to begin to set up for the shower. We had setup the table settings the night before and they were so pretty. Coral and pink and white tablecloths with yellow, orange and lavender flower arrangements with seashells at the bottom...with a touch of salt water taffy scattered about, it was perfect.
We then set up the drinks and the food and the cups and the dessert all in their exact place! It looked even better than we had in our heads! Jill just loved it. After all the guest arrived, we all enjoyed the carefully prepared food and chatted at our tables. Once the food was enjoyed, we began the games. We started with Wedding scattegories...which requires at least one word per letter of the alphabet that corresponds to Wedding. We had a winner with 22 words and they won an adorable beach towel. The next game we played was how well do you know the bride? We also asked Wes the questions and he did so great. The third game we played was called purse power. There is a list of things that can be found in a purse...and they are all assigned a point value and if you have them in your bag, you get the points! Most points wins! No wonder why women's bags are so heavy, we have one of everything just in case. The final game we played was a game that Jill had to dress up for. The situation is that she is on her honeymoon and the electricity goes the same time she does not realize that the concierge has traded her black bag for another similar looking bag. Therefore she has to get dressed in the dark and put on some interesting clothing. It was a good time and Jill definitely had fun with it. After all the games, we enjoyed some dessert before opening lots and lots of gifts. Jill was super spoiled which is what a shower is all about. She got plates and bowls and pitchers and sheets and towels...the list could go on! But either way she loved every gift and was extremely thankful for everything she got as well as everyone that came and brought a gift for her and Wes. In the end, the Bridal Shower was a great success and we are looking forward to the next event in June which is the Bachelorette Party, stay tuned!!!

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