Saturday, April 30, 2011

Up and Coming

Here a few things that came up and passed and also a few things that are in the works...coming soon! Exam #1 of 6 in the next two weeks...came and passed...hopefully with a B! Last day of Organic Chemistry Lab...came and went! Yes! Friday night my friend that I met in Arizona had a shower here in Loomis because this is where she is originally from (which was great and convenient) was great to see her and celebrate their first baby girl on the way!

I recently got my hair cut and can see it in the previous picture. It is kind of hard to tell but it is darker and layered a little bit. I have made a few blankets. One for my sister since she is graduating from college in two weeks and one for my newest niece Ava. I also made a little block decor for Katie.

More events to come are Tadd and I are heading to Arizona for a long weekend of fun in the sun! Then the following weekend we are off to Miami for graduation. Photos will be posted soon!


katester said...

Ugh! I wish we were going the same time you are going:-( I hope you guys have a fun weekend!

momab said...

Hey Kelly & Tadd, I know that it has only been 2 days since you left, but we miss you so much. We had a great time and all the baby stuff with Ava was so much fun. We Can't wait until we are together again. Keep on Posting.