Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick Days

For the last two days I have been sick...either with the flu or just your common cold with aches...either way it has not been fun. I pretty much slept all day on Sunday and wasn't able to go to church, and today, I stayed home from work and slept all morning and have been sitting on the couch the rest of the day. I thought I would brag though, being sick does have its perks! Tadd made me such a delicious bed! And he cooked dinner. Such a wonderful husband. But his birthday is this week and so he is just waiting for all his meals to be cooked to make up for him taking care of me...owell, I guess that is what marriage is about.


The Railsback's said...

YUMMM! That looks so good!!!

katester said...

Tadd when not moody (ha!) is very very sweet and thoughful. You are very lucky. Tadd is going to be 30 in a few days! ha! old man.