Thursday, January 15, 2009

The New Year

Happy 2009!!!! It has been pretty busy here and I have not had time to update the blog...So lots of new stuff is going up!!! First of all, Tadd and I went up to Tahoe with Katie and her soccer friends for a few days to hang out at the cabin and go snowboarding! Then, when we got back we did some job hunting, some exercise and some lounging. Then Dennis, Katie's boyfriend got here on Sunday and we have been busy ever since. On Monday morning, we went up to Tahoe again and had a wonderful time. We went to Squaw Valley Resort and made candles, ate sushi and enjoyed the nice weather. When Tadd and I were waiting at Starbucks for Katie and Dennis to come down from the top of the mountain, I got a call from University of Phoenix. After weeks of waiting, I got an interview, and got a job. I start my job on Tuesday! On Monday night we went out to dinner and went bowling and Tadd and I won! On Tuesday, we left Tahoe so I could attend my interview in the afternoon and then hang out with some friends for dinner. Then Wednesday morning we left for San Francisco around 10am. Katie, Dennis, Tadd and I drove onto the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoyed a cable car ride, a long walk from Union Square to Fishermans wharf and an overall nice day in San Fran. So these are all the updates and the pictures are coming soon.

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