Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Events

Updates from the Christmas Holiday...Katie and I went roller skating,the family went to see "Yes Man," which was hilarious and very entertaining. We finished up our holiday shopping the day before Christmas Eve and then Christmas was here! We got up around 9am and started opening presents. Everyone got wonderful gifts and money...thanks to Santa! After gifts, we ate a delicious breakfast and then we lounged around that day, worked out a bit, played some tennis, and then cooked Christmas dinner. Basically another turkey dinner, it was wonderful. Then after dinner, the family played Guestures, and it was hilarious. Tadd, Katie and I were one team, and my parents and my older sister Jill were another team. And my team dominated the other team. My little sister and I had some sort of telepathy thing going on because everything I acted out she basically guessed the first time, it was weird but great! The day after Christmas Tadd and I went out to lunch with my good friends from high school to catch up on everything that they are doing. Then on Friday night the friends and their families all got together at one of the girl's houses to spend some more time catching up. It was great fun! We are definitely enjoying the holiday!

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